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Little smiles, big importance.

The crucial role of pediatric dentistry in early dental care.

As advocates for children’s oral health, we as a dental hospital understand and realise the importance of inculcating a good dental routine in kids from a young age. While most people visit a dentist only when an issue arises, through this blog, we aim to educate our readers on why it is important to start your kid’s dental journey at a young age. From a dental hospital perspective, we believe in early safeguarding to ensure a beautiful smile in the future. 

A strong foundation is key to a lifetime of oral health

An early investment in the child’s dental health is crucial in building a strong foundation as it sets the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Three strong reasons why focusing on the child’s dental health and hygiene is necessary in their formative years are:

1. Detecting issues early

A child’s teeth and jaw are continuously developing as they are growing up, keeping a close check in these years would help detect any starting signs of misalignment or bite issues.

2. Preventing issues early

As we know, kids develop cavities very easily. To prevent this from happening, taking preventive methods like cleaning and polishing treatments would ensure the child’s oral health is not affected.

3. Personalised care for growing smiles

Each child encounters unique dental challenges, demanding individualized care. From recognizing initial cavity indicators to addressing orthodontic issues, consistent checkups during early childhood empower healthcare providers with valuable insights. This ongoing vigilance allows doctors to stay well-informed and deliver tailored treatments for their young patients effectively.

Unveiling Dental Visit Disparities

A survey carried out by the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), categorised children into three age groups – 0-3yrs, 3-6yrs and 6-9yrs. Parents were also categorised into seven educational and five socioeconomic groups. The survey sought to unravel crucial insights into the frequency of early dental visits among children and the overall awareness levels parents possess regarding pediatric dentistry.

Educational status of parents

Socioeconomic status of parents

Illustrated in the pie chart below are the percentages of children in three age brackets who attended dental appointments. Notably, merely 3% of children aged 0-3 years underwent dental visits. It’s worth mentioning that a majority of parents possessed an educational background and a significant percentage hailed from the upper-lower class. Despite this, there exists a considerable need for more awareness regarding the optimal timing for a child’s initial dental appointment.

Often, dental visits are only scheduled in response to existing issues, which underscores the necessity of educating parents about the importance of early dental care, emphasising that regular checkups contribute to preventive oral health measures rather than just addressing problems after they arise.

Dental visits: 3% (0-3 years), 40% (3-6 years), 57% (6-9 years).

Closing the awareness gap

As highlighted in this research, many parents, irrespective of their educational background, lack awareness about the optimal time for their children’s initial dental visits. Bridging this awareness gap is essential. 

From the viewpoint of a dental hospital committed to proactive care, here are strategic approaches to elevate parental understanding:

  1. Parental educational workshop
  2. Pediatric dentistry awareness campaigns
  3. Parent-child engagement 
  4. Collaboration with schools and childcare centres
  5. Accessible online resources

In the broader landscape of pediatric dentistry, it becomes evident that there is a pressing need for heightened awareness among parents. Dental visits should not be reserved for addressing problems but should be ingrained as a proactive and preventive measure. 

Pediatric dentistry is not merely about treating dental issues but fostering a culture of preventive care, early intervention, and ongoing education. At Maeoris Dental, we are dedicated to the importance of pediatric dentistry, approaching the care of young smiles with the highest level of attention and consideration.

In adopting a proactive stance towards pediatric dentistry, we lay the foundation for more radiant smiles, improved well-being, and a community that values the oral health of its youngest members. Come visit us and seek advice from our team of smile experts today.

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