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Dental Inclusivity: A Dive into Specialised Dental Care

Special Care Dentistry involves delivering oral health care services to adults who, due to a combination of physical, sensory, intellectual, mental, medical, emotional, or social impairments or disabilities, are unable to receive routine dental care. 

Specialists in Special Care Dentistry are dedicated to offering top-notch, comprehensive oral care for individuals with complex and additional needs. They also advocate for the enhancement of oral health in this specific population. Care is administered in diverse settings, including dental practices, hospitals, patients’ homes, secure facilities, as well as nursing and residential homes.

This blog centers on the demographic of patients in India requiring specialised dental care, emphasizing how individuals with diverse mental, physical, and sensory conditions may be susceptible to specific oral health challenges. It delves into the role of dental specialists in addressing these unique needs. Additionally, the blog highlights the significance of fostering inclusivity in dental practices and explores the innovations within this specialised segment of dentistry.

Filling the Expertise Gap and Advocating for Awareness

Disabled population in India across various age groups

While precise data on the exact number of individuals requiring special care dentistry is not readily available, the Office of Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities reports that 2.41% of India’s male population and 2.01% of its female population have a disability, collectively constituting over 2.5% of the country’s population.

Unfortunately, awareness of these statistics is limited, and there remains a shortage of specialists in the field of special care dentistry. This issue deserves serious attention, and efforts to raise awareness should be undertaken through various channels.

Recognising this gap and its impact on those in need of special care dentistry, we, as the Maeoris team, are committed to addressing this shortfall. We understand the unfairness faced by individuals requiring specialised dental care and are dedicated to providing the necessary services. With the best expertise and cutting-edge technology, we aim to ensure that our gifted patients receive the exceptional care they deserve.

Dental Challenges in Differently Abled Patients: Insights into Specific Conditions

Exploring the dental issues faced by individuals with developmental disabilities sheds light on their unique challenges. Autistic patients often experience a heightened risk of caries, tongue thrusting, and delayed tooth eruption. In contrast, those with Cerebral Palsy not only struggle with poor oral hygiene but are also susceptible to gum diseases and bruxism, characterised by excessive teeth grinding.

Patients with Down Syndrome, exhibiting good behavioral management amid their learning disabilities, may encounter dental conditions like Hypodontia, involving the absence of one or more teeth, or its converse, Microdontia, where one or more teeth appear smaller than normal.

As specialists in the field, we comprehend the nuances of each disability, tailoring our approach to cater to patients’ needs. From gaining a thorough understanding of their condition and medical history during the initial appointment to conducting entire procedures, our skilled team prioritises patient comfort throughout every step.

Caring Differently: Maeoris Dental’s Pursuit of Inclusive and Personalised Care

At Maeoris Dental, we acknowledge the disparities experienced by individuals in need of specialised dental services and are unwavering in our commitment to addressing these inequities. We believe in delivering essential care with a combination of expertise and cutting-edge technology, ensuring our exceptional patients receive the high-quality care they deserve.

Dedicated to providing the utmost standard of care and personalised solutions for those with distinct requirements, we prioritise the well-being and comfort of every individual. As we navigate the complexities of special care dentistry, Maeoris Dental stands as a beacon of commitment, ensuring that each patient’s journey is met with compassion, precision, and the assurance of exceptional dental care.

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