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Aging gracefully with a beautiful smile. 

At Maeoris Dental, we also specialise in geriatric dentistry, a field dedicated to addressing the unique oral health needs of our elderly community. Geriatric dentistry focuses on providing comprehensive dental care tailored to the challenges that come with aging. And we are deeply committed to ensuring the well-being of our senior patients.

In this blog, we aim to shed light on critical aspects of geriatric dental care, addressing the unique challenges faced by the elderly, exploring the impact of aging on oral health, and providing valuable insights into general preventive measures. Embark on a journey into geriatric dentistry at Maeoris Dental, where expertise and compassion come together for the best dental care for our seniors.

Common dental issues in adults & the impact of aging. 

Adults face a lot of dental issues which require regular dental visits and the need to maintain good oral health. Issues like cavities, gum problems, oral cancer and tooth sensitivity become more pronounced at this age. It is crucial to cater to these issues as soon as they arise as they might become more difficult to treat as patients age. 

As we know, aging comes with its own challenges. However,  we often tend to overlook the dental aspect which includes saliva production, tooth loss and many more important functions. With age, a lot of times, oral medications prescribed also increase to support a healthy life. These result in dry mouth and these increase the possibility of further complications to your dental health. 

These factors, combined with the wear and tear of our teeth over the years, highlight the need for specialised geriatric dentistry and care. A tailored approach to dental care becomes crucial in reducing the impact of aging on oral health and ensuring a healthy and comfortable smile for seniors.

The vital role Geriatric experts play.

Let’s understand why geriatric experts and a specialised care plan are important to help you in your dental journey. 

One of the pivotal reasons is because many senior citizens may already have increased sensitivity to certain medicines. In this case a team of specialists with the best training and up-to-date knowledge are able to help protect the health of older patients understanding their medical history, current lifestyle, and oral medication side effects completely. It is of utmost importance to focus on a holistic and personalised approach to provide the best dental care to each patient.

At Maeoris Dental, we also understand and empathise with the elderly who suffer from physical, cognitive or sensory challenges. A dentist specialising in geriatrics would be able to take these factors into consideration while treating their patient & be able to provide caregivers for further comfort. 

Dental tips for the elderly.
It is daunting to think about the issues that a poor oral health can cause later in life. However, that need not be the case if some of the basic habits are followed to maintain good oral health. 

Brush & floss regularly
As obvious as it sounds, most people take this lightly. Brushing twice is essential even for adults and a brush with soft bristles would be best for them. Patients with arthritis may want to consider using an electric toothbrush for ease of use. 

Use fluoride
Fluoride helps in strengthening the enamel of the teeth making them resistant to acid erosion and gum recession. 

Increase oral hydration
As some older patients may suffer from dry mouth, drinking plenty of water will reduce dehydration which in turn would reduce the chances of cavities.

Balanced diet for healthy gums
Eating a balanced diet with vitamins and minerals supports overall and gum health, enhancing gum strength and resistance to infections.

Avoid tobacco and limit alcohol
Tobacco and excessive alcohol increase oral health risks, including gum disease and oral cancers. A tobacco-free lifestyle and moderate alcohol consumption are key to maintaining a healthy oral health.

While daily dental care is a vital daily practice for the elderly, it is equally important to have an expert on your side. We suggest you look for an expert who can provide tailored dental care plans. Book an appointment with us if you want more insights to your personalised dental care plan. 

Raising awareness. Caring for the elderly at Maeoris Dental.

About 80% of the older population do not visit the dentist as regularly as they should. It is either lack of awareness, ignorance or mere dependency on their families. 

Increasing awareness among the elderly about the significance of dental health is crucial, considering prevalent statistics that highlight a lack of awareness and dependence on younger generations for guidance. 

By taking proactive steps to bridge this gap through engaging in community outreach programs, workshops, and informative campaigns specifically tailored for the elderly, we as a community can educate and empower older individuals to take control of their dental well-being.

In our commitment to geriatric dentistry, Maeoris Dental prioritises the unique needs of older patients. We understand that a healthy smile contributes to overall well-being, and our tailored geriatric dentistry treatments reflect this belief. At Maeoris, every patient is valued, and their smiles are as important to us as they are to them. 

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