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Endodontics is a speciality that includes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and injuries of the dental pulp (the inner delicate layer of the tooth) that becomes sensitive when damaged, resulting in pain. Whenever there is a crack or decay on the tooth, it paves the way for the bacteria to attack the dental pulp, that is when the pain/swelling develops.

Various endodontic procedures like root canal therapy, endodontic retreatment, and endodontic surgery help in treating cracked teeth which relieves the pain or discomfort by protecting the tooth that was causing the pain from any further damage.

Wondering when to schedule an endodontic dental appointment?

  • Sensitivity/tooth pain while or after having hot or cold food.
  • Tooth injury leading to pain or physical trauma affecting the tooth.
  • Constant pain along with tooth decay.
  • Sharp pain while biting down food items.
  • Constant and severe tooth pain along with swelling of gums.

Single-Visit Root Canal at Maeoris, the best dental care facility in Dindigul and Madurai

The root canal procedure consists of three crucial stages: canal shaping, thorough cleaning, and precise filling. At Maeoris, our unwavering dedication to perfection and our top priority of ensuring utmost patient comfort leads us to provide the highest-quality single-visit root canal treatment in India. Our experienced dental professionals use cutting-edge, top-of-the-line equipment, including the X Smart IQ for shaping, Sirolase Laser and Endo Activator for cleaning, and Gutta Smart Obturation for filling.

These devices enable the dentist to have 360-degree access to the affected tooth area while providing the ability to monitor progress on an iPad. When connected to the app, it offers the largest display on the market, facilitates real-time torque monitoring during the shaping of the canal, allows for treatment data capture and transfer, and much more. These devices not only boost the dentist’s confidence but also provide peace of mind to our patients.

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