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 make a Difference

Our specialities

Experience the most comprehensive dental care at our world-class facility.

At the heart of Maeoris Dental, it’s the trust of our patients and the genuine dedication of our team of experts that truly defines us. We’ve evolved into a touchstone for dental excellence, extending our care to patients from every corner of the world. Step into our centres to discover our unique approach to comprehensive dental care, tailored just for your smile.
Artificial tooth roots for strong, permanent tooth replacement.
Aligns your teeth and jaw for improved function & appearance.
Treatment for dental pulp and infections for pain relief.
Aesthetic dental treatment to enhance your smile.

Restore and replace teeth and tooth structures to optimise function and aesthetics.

Repair of affected dentition mimicking the characteristics of a natural tooth.
Dental care for children, promoting oral health and hygiene.
Dental care specialised for elderly patients’ oral health needs.
Accessible dental care for differently abled individuals.
Precise, painless dental treatment using focused laser light technology.
Dental surgeries addressing complex oral health issues with specialised procedures.
India’s leading experts in trauma injury care and maxillofacial surgery.

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