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Don’t hide the beauty of your smile, hide the reason.

Your family is a collective. A collective of emotions, of intelligence, of smiles. Look at your last ‘full cheese’ family portrait. Is this a family of complete smiles? Look around you. Smiles keep coming your way. Do you smile back and beam with confidence?

What is the dire truth?

Global change in life styles prove spiralling oral health. With the advent of the modern family comes a new lifestyle. Leading gurus on modem age living predict the root cause of oral health decay is soon going to be equivalent globally.

Is this all natural? Or am I just fretting for nothing?

When the average life expectancy in a country can change to decrease, why can’t its dental health? It is a natural phenomenon. However, it isn’t something we need to ignore or push under the carpet. It is a cause for concern that is growing at a steady pace.

What can help?

The good news is, the advent of modern orthodontic treatments allow you to continue smiling while being treated. Maeoris Dental can show you how. We are on a mission to make the world ‘unFrown’. Speak to our smile experts today.

Modern Orthodontics, shaping the way we smile.

Orthodontics is older than where your history trivia can take you. It is the first speciality of dentistry that concerns itself with improper bites resulting from tooth irregularity, disproportionate jaw relationships, or both. It can focus on dental displacement only, or can deal with the control and modification of facial growth.

With the advent of dental innovation and its leading technology, modern orthodontics brings digital models and new age materials to this reformative procedure. Be it 3D digital models or the invisible braces, modern orthodontics is a force to reckon with. A paradigm shift, in both the thinking and practice, came with the evolution of the technique. Not only did the technique enable custom solutions based on the patient’s case investigation, it also propelled the strive to better the otherwise vanilla practice.

What if we told you that you could treat your smile to the freedom it deserves while you restore it to its true glory? You would laugh at us, wouldn’t you? Well, it is true! You can still laugh with us. Not only that. What if we told you that you did not need to visit your dentist as often during this restoration? Now, that is even more true. However, don’t take our word for it! Look around for information, challenge us, dialogue with us and then, and only then, confirm with us. Once you are certain that the above highlights are true, laugh harder with us.

The hidden agenda, a raving success to look for.

Smile while you are treated, and stay confident.

Reformative procedures command an expert’s undivided attention. Since they are a term process, great care requires precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

At Maeoris, modern orthodontics is a strategy that involves a clear understanding of the characteristics and nature of the deformity, devising a plan that clearly highlights treatment requirements, educating our patrons of the complete process so that they make informed decisions and ensuring that only the best materials, technology and experience is made available throughout the treatment. This is all under the watchful eye of our smile expert whose personal attention to each case is the reason why we are the preferred dentists. At Maeoris, we promise nothing lesser than the best so that our patients stay confident and smile throughout the process.


Dental deformities are not only a cosmetic deformity. They spell trouble for your teeth, jaw and facial formation. Modern orthodontics aims to diagnose and solve these problematic areas. Based on preferences of treatment procedures, several systems, techniques and materials are suggested for such reformative procedures.

An orthodontic treatment is an ongoing treatment prescribed, based on your personal case. Only the highest quality of treatment must be subscribed to, since this is a reformative process.

Another aspect to consider is your age and state of mind throughout the process of this treatment. These important factors must drive your decisions since this is a long-term treatment.

Unmasking smiles with tomorrow’s innovations, today.

Backed by technology and aesthetically enhanced materials, comprehensive modern orthodontic treatments are a key ask from today’s patrons. There are several treatment systems to choose from. Innovations in treatment systems, the materials, and the technology are vital aspects to consider in the choice of treatment:

Procedure & Strategy

Reformative procedures are long term. Since they require constant attention and monitoring of progress, patients must ensure that they are educated throughout the process. Given the patient’s age and duration of treatment, utmost care is required to ensure that the diagnosis must evolve into a strategy that suits the patient. Ask your dentist any question. At Maeoris, we believe ‘No question, is a silly question’. Educating our clients throughout the life cycle of the treatment is a must for successful results and long-lasting relationships. We urge our patients to understand the complete truth about their treatment.


Reformative procedures need to be precise and accurate. This is supported by the innovations in modern dental technology. Technology that is built to get it right, every time. From diagnosis, through to the preparation and the actual procedure, to the completion of the treatment and post-procedural revisits, technology at Maeoris ensures we provide no less than the best to our patients. But don’t take our word for it. Ask around, or try it.


Since reformative procedures are long term, materials, besides procedures, must make the patient comfortable throughout the entire treatment cycle. The patient must be able to carry on with their daily lives. At Maeoris, we pride ourselves on aesthetically enhanced materials like invisalign and custom braces that fit your personal case and allow you to confidently go about your daily lives without any interference or embarrassment.

Who can help?

Any procedure/technique requires an initial investigation to ascertain the conditions of the oral cavity. This will give your dentist a complete diagnosis and ensure that the advice and/or treatment you receive will suit your personal health.

Please request our smile experts for a detailed discussion on your dental requirements before committing to any treatment. Do feel free to discuss any requirements at length with us. Serving you is a dear privilege. It is a privilege we take seriously.

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