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At Maeoris, we believe that every child is a source of beauty and joy, regardless of their physical or mental abilities. Our commitment is to ensure that every child receives the care, love, and attention they deserve.

Children facing physical and mental challenges often encounter difficulties in their daily routines, including maintaining proper oral and dental hygiene. They rely on continuous support from loved ones or caregivers. Special healthcare encompasses a wide range of physical, developmental, mental, sensory, behavioural, cognitive, and emotional conditions that require medical management and specialised services. This is where we step in.

With over 25 years of expertise, our dentists specialise in providing comfort to these exceptional children. We conduct thorough dental check-ups, address their specific dental needs, and educate both the child and their parents on proper care, ultimately enhancing their dental hygiene. Our aim is to ensure that dental procedures for these special children are as stress-free as possible, empathising with the challenges they and their parents face when visiting the dentist.

Maeoris Dental stands out as one of the few dental clinics in India dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to these gifted children.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Differently abled dentistry refers to dental care tailored to meet the needs of individuals with physical, cognitive, or sensory disabilities.

Our clinic is equipped with accessible facilities, trained staff, and specialised equipment to ensure a comfortable experience for patients with disabilities.

Yes, we provide sedation options for patients with special needs to help alleviate anxiety and ensure a relaxed dental visit.

We use visual aids and simplified language to communicate effectively with patients who have communication disabilities.

Yes, both Madurai and Dindigul clinics are wheelchair accessible, with ramps, wide doorways, and accessible facilities to accommodate patients with mobility challenges.

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