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Celebrate the women in you

Celebrate the women in you with a smile from within

The pursuit of the perfect smile has been a timeless endeavor, spanning from the days of ancient Greece to our modern era. Throughout history, this quest has driven remarkable progress in dental science, culminating in the current trend of invisible orthodontics. These aesthetically pleasing and comfortable alternatives to traditional metal braces offer discreet orthodontic solutions, alleviating concerns about appearance during treatment.

Today, the world of invisible orthodontics boasts a diverse array of options catering to various age groups, case complexities, and financial considerations. These options fall into two broad categories: fixed appliances, encompassing ceramic, transparent, and lingual braces, and removable appliances typified by invisible aligners, such as Invisalign.

Fixed Braces vs Aligners : The difference that matters

Fixed appliances closely resemble traditional braces in function while providing the advantage of concealing the treatment process. Ceramic, transparent, and lingual braces fall under this category, each requiring an average treatment duration of around two years. These are tailor-made for orthodontic requirements and serve patrons with varying price points, but they require regular follow-ups with orthodontists. In contrast, invisible aligners, like Invisalign, which are removable, represent a revolutionary leap in invisible orthodontics.

Why choose solutions with clinical technology?

The best invisible aligners currently on the market come from brands such as Invisalign and Spark (Ormco). Utilizing these implants can nearly halve the treatment duration compared to traditional braces. These removable aligners consist of two transparent splints that adapt perfectly to a patient’s teeth, gently exerting pressure to gradually align them. Crafted from cutting-edge biocompatible medical materials, these aligners offer a wholly invisible and painless alternative. They rank as the most comfortable and durable aligners available, with the added benefit of improving oral hygiene since they can be easily removed when needed.

Why Consult an Orthodontist?

Still wondering why consulting an orthodontist is crucial, especially when faster and more cost-effective options seem readily available. The force and direction of pressure applied to each tooth can vary from one person to another, and improper treatment can result in harm to the bones, teeth, and gums, ultimately leading to significant misalignment after the braces are taken off. Aligners without professional oversight can reduce tooth longevity by half and may provide only temporary solutions, resulting in lasting discomfort. Consider the long-lasting harm unprofessional aligners can cause! This also applies to non-branded aligners that lack proper professional standards.

Harnessing latest technologies to bring in perfection

Today’s leading orthodontists offer an array of services, including the ability to visualize post-treatment results within minutes through intraoral 3D scans (e.g., 3 Shape Trios and I Tero). From digital X-Rays to CBCT scans (e.g., Galileos Comfort Plus) for comprehensive assessments and video-enabled scans, patient care has evolved significantly. The availability of advanced technologies empowers patients by providing video simulations of their pre and post-treatment transformations, making the journey to a confident smile more accessible.

If you’re contemplating teeth alignment, don’t delay. Ensure that you make the right choice to get the right treatment. At Maeoris Dental, we prioritize the smiles our patrons deserve, and do our best by leveraging the latest technologies to boost their confidence.

Dr. Sujatha 
Orthopaedic & Dentofacial Orthodontist

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