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Beyond the gap with dental implants


At Maeoris Dental, we address a wide range of dental concerns, recognising the unique needs of each patient. We acknowledge that the absence of a tooth, even for a day, can pose challenges. 

In anticipation of such situations, we employ advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing software. This enables us to craft a meticulously precise model of your teeth swiftly—within a day—ensuring minimal inconvenience or discomfort for the patient. 

This blog serves as an informative guide, shedding light on the nature of dental implants, outlining the fundamental procedures involved, and discovers post-care of dental implant placement surgeries. 

The three essential components of a dental implant

Dental implants are structures that replace missing teeth. They comprise of a dental implant body and abutment, potentially with a fixation screw. Surgically placed in the jawbone, the implant body substitutes the tooth’s root. The abutment, typically connected to the implant body with a fixation screw, extends through the gums into the mouth to provide support for the artificial teeth.

Understanding the benefits & candidacy assessment for dental implants

Despite its intimidating appearance, opting for an implant comes with numerous benefits like

  1. Higher success rate
  2. Improvement in chewing
  3. Looks more natural and a lower risk of cavities. 

Before delving into the intricacies of a dental implant surgery, it’s essential to identify the characteristics that make an individual an ideal candidate for this procedure. Our specialists prioritise overall dental health and hygiene when considering implants for patients. 

As part of the evaluation process, we assess the presence of sufficient jawbone to support the implant and ensure that the candidate’s gums are free from periodontal diseases. 

Additionally, factors such as general health and lifestyle are taken into account to tailor our recommendations for each unique case. 

This comprehensive approach guarantees a thorough assessment of candidacy, setting the foundation for a successful dental implant experience.

Preparing for dental implants: The prerequisites and processes

While the procedure of inserting a dental implant may seem straightforward for replacing a missing tooth, dentists follow multiple precautionary steps before implantation. These processes encompass:

1. Initial consultation

    A discussion with a dentist or prosthodontist to determine eligibility for dental implant placement.

    2.Comprehensive examination

    A thorough assessment of dental health and medical history, including the creation of teeth models through impressions. Also, involves X-rays of the gum in the area of the missing tooth/teeth.

    3.CT scan

    Conducting a CT scan to evaluate available jawbone for the dental implant and to locate nerves and sinuses.

    It’s crucial to emphasize that, much like natural teeth, dental implants require diligent at-home care and routine dental visits to prevent potential diseases. Fundamental practices such as regular brushing and flossing play a pivotal role in maintaining the health of implants. 

    In addition to these basics, using an antimicrobial mouthwash can further aid in preventing bacterial growth around the implant. Consistent care, coupled with professional dental check-ups, ensures the longevity and well-being of your dental implants.

    At Maeoris, we are committed to ensuring a hassle-free experience for our patients undergoing dental implant procedures. Our cutting-edge technology enables meticulous planning, minimizing the margin of error to almost zero. 

    Our collaboration with Nobel Biocare emphasizes our commitment to delivering implants of the utmost quality. We also take pride in our expert team, ready to offer advice and determine your candidacy for dental implants. Visit us to explore how we can enhance your smile and contribute to your oral well-being.

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