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The choices we make


It’s been a humbling 25-year journey to get to where we are today. When we sit back and look at what we did right, we put a finger on the fact that it lay at the sweet spot of all the principles we laid down as our principles of this practice from the day we started. 

A bit of background would make sense. We all begin our journey very aware, and deeply opinionated, of the skills we possess. Over time, it’s the choices we make that light up a path for us. From time to time, we look back on it in retrospect. A bit philosophical for insights on dentistry, right? Fear not, we feel this is very important for what you will read ahead. From the onset of our journey we have always focused on three core principles:

    We will do what’s right for every patient.
    Dental care is new for most patients. They are unaware of how to solve the cases they bring to us. Many completely submit themselves to a treatment plan. Therefore, we must look at every aspect of a patient’s history before we plan a treatment for them. And, we will ensure we handhold and educate each one so they can make informed decisions.

    Patient care will be at the heart of everything we do.
    For several patients, dental care is a first and quite daunting. This learning came to us during the early days of our internships and service at the government hospital. This has been a steadfast promise we have engraved into our practice. The patient always comes first. Every tiny detail must matter. For every patient. And their care is planned with that in mind.

    We will always provide only the best dental care to our patients.
    At the heart of everything we do, the dental care we provide must be the best any patient could get. Whether it’s with the team we put together, the technology or machines we service them with, or the materials we use in their care. We will always be particular about the dental facilities we provide to our patients.  

    When we look at where we are today and the path we have taken, we believe we would have not done this any other way. While most of this is ingrained into our daily practice, the most important decisions are around partnerships and investments in the world’s leading equipment and dental care materials. It also meant we had to make decisions on how we crafted our space and centred solely around patient comfort and care. At Maeoris Dental, we are proud to have made these decisions in favour of our patient care. Today, we house the leading technology, equipment and materials that make us one of the best in the country. But most important is to understand why we did so. Here is a view of some of the decisions we took to craft our services.

    The Sinius Chair

    In our humble opinion, this isn’t just a chair. It is an all-in-one dental care treatment centre in itself. With many treatments, the time the patient has to spend at the centre depends on the solution or service that is agreed upon. This needs to be managed in the most efficient way so that the expert and their patient do not have to be moved around often to accommodate the treatment.

    The Sinius Chair is an innovation that allows our experts to give you complete treatment in one place and, in most cases, in one sitting. That itself is a boon for both the patient and the dental care expert. To top this off, its ergonomic design ensures that the interaction between the expert and the patient is comfortable and efficient. It also ensures that our patients are in a secure and comfortable environment during the treatment. This, combined with the fact that this is the most compact treatment centre available, made it easy to design into our dental care centre. 

    The X-Guide

    Most treatment plans begin with appropriate diagnosis that is aided by a CBCT that gives your dental expert the best view of your scenario. This helps them accurately map out your treatment plan. However, in our experience, the quality of patient care can only be ensured if you deliver on the treatment you agree on. This is commonly seen in the case of implants. Enter, the X-Guide. A revolutionary system that actually helps your dental expert deliver on your treatment plan.  

    When we decided to invest in this equipment, our focus was on the comfort that we could give our patients when we show them how their treatment plans become a reality with accurate solution for your smile. With the X-Guide, we can achieve a level of precision that was not possible before. This ensures that your dental implant is placed exactly where it needs to be for optimal function and aesthetics. And we recognise that your dental implant treatment is unique to you. The X-Guide helps us customise the plan based on your specific jaw structure, ensuring the best possible outcome. Another thing that we do get excited about is the real-time interaction and guidance that is a boon to dental experts. Because the X-Guide allows us to be more precise, the procedure tends to be smoother, often resulting in reduced discomfort and a faster recovery for our patients.

    You should walk in to see this one at work. The X-Guide makes it easier for our dental experts to accurately apply the agreed 3D treatment plan on the patient, ensuring confidence and precision. This equipment even helps make same-day surgeries a reality. 

    The Ceramill Matik 5D Lab

    Dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, or veneers, play a vital role in restoring or enhancing our patients teeth when a treatment plan requires it. The role of these restorations have been prevalent in the practise for ages now. What’s most important is the fact that these restorations are crafted with high-quality, precision, and customisation for every patient. This is what excites us about our decision on the Ceramill Matik 5D Lab. We have a very special place for what this brings to our practice. In fact, we had to carefully craft a space for this cutting-edge in our laboratory. 

    The decision was solely based on the fact that this advanced system ensures that por patient’s restoration is of the highest quality and tailored specifically to their needs. The precision and accuracy it offers is a sight to behold. This equipment guarantees that your restoration will be crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal function for you. With this machine we can ensure we customise your restoration, ensuring that it not only fits perfectly but also looks completely natural blending seamlessly with your existing teeth. And most of all this allows our patients to choose the dental material that best meets their individual needs and preferences. This equipment is a testament to ensuring that we only provide the highest quality of personalised dental care to each and every patient. 

    A fun fact – In many cases this all happens in a single visit. This means that we can build your dental restoration while you wait around in the clinic. Else you would have to make one more trip to visit us just for your finishing your treatment. Exciting isn’t it?

    The Axeos CBCT

    Any good treatment plan requires that we are able to diagnose your scenario accurately and efficiently. This begins with a quality X-Ray that helps us a complete picture of your dental scenario. And as we know, X-Rays require that you are exposed to radiation. For this reason alone, we have been focused on patient safety when it comes to everything we do in the diagnosis stage. Traditionally, getting a good quality X-Ray requires that you are exposed to the process for a long time so that dental experts can get the accurate picture. Thankfully, we have come a long way from that. 

    The Axeos CBCT is the top of the lie as far as these X-Rays are concerned. It allows us to see incredibly detailed, three-dimensional images of your oral and facial structures. This is crucial for a more accurate diagnosis and better planning of your treatment. Our dental experts can detect issues like cavities, infections, or even problems with the jaw joint. This comprehensive view helps us identify and address concerns more effectively. We are able to plan complex surgeries or dental implants with utmost precision since we are able to view a detailed map of your oral anatomy. This efficiency is a boon for treatment planning and ensures that the diagnosis and treatment plan dialogues with our patients on their needs and preferences, become easier and more efficient. This is a small but important step in ensuring that we provide a personalised solution that is customised to suit your specific needs, ensuring ensuring the best possible outcomes for your dental health.

    What’s technology got to do with it?

    At Maeoris Dental, we’ve always held firm to the belief that placing our patients at the core of our practice is the key to establishing a leading and sustainable dental practice. This article serves as our explanation for why we view technology not merely as a way to showcase our cutting-edge status but as a tool to enhance the patient experience.

    When you step into Maeoris Dental in Dindigul or Madurai, you’ll witness numerous decisions we’ve made to ensure the delivery of the finest and most personalised dental care to every individual walking through our doors. Our commitment goes beyond words; we invite you to experience it firsthand. Visit us to see the difference for yourself. Our dental experts will ensure your journey to exceptional dental care begins with a visit to Maeoris Dental.

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